Best Online Typing Jobs From Home To Make Money in 2022

Since 2012, I have been working in the content writing field and online jobs. During the period, I have discovered the best online typing jobs from home to make money. In this tenure, I have also observed that there are many online jobs out of which few are genuine but mostly based on fraud.


Best Online Typing Jobs From Home To Make Money

No doubt there are hundreds of online job sites that are offering jobs but here you have to make focus on typing jobs only.


So, let’s start with the simple question-are there real online typing jobs from home?  


It is a fact that you can find the right job from where you can get a regular task and timely payment. Following are the ways to find online typing jobs from home:


How To Get Genuine Online Typing Jobs:

The most important thing is to find online typing jobs from home without paying any registration charges. The genuineness of the job depends upon if a company is offering typing jobs without any registration fee and investment, but those companies which require some sort of money during the registration phase, just ignore them. As per my experience in this field, I have evaluated 3 methods through which you can get genuine online typing jobs from home for free.

Getting Online Typing Jobs On Job Portals:

There are many online job portals like Glass-door, Shine, Monster and Naukri, and many more online portals through which you can search even in the same city where you are living. You have to browse these sites through your internet browser and just type there “Online Typing Jobs at home”. A list of jobs will display in front of you. Now you have to explore each site; check criteria, experience, recruiter’s detail, and try to contact them through email or telephonic call.

Getting Jobs On Freelancing Sites:

There are very famous and reliable Freelancing websites such as; PeoplePerHour, Fiverr & Upwork from where you can get hundreds of online projects from home. After accessing any of these sites, you are required to type “Online typing jobs” and see the results.


Furthermore, you can also make a visit to Amazon MTurk to search for different Online Typing Jobs at home without investment. In addition to it, you can also search for small online typing jobs from home for free from Swagbucks or Inboxdollars. Although the earning is very little but better than nothing.


Getting Jobs Directly From Company:

The third method of finding online typing jobs is very convenient i.e finding a company directly from the internet such as; you are just required to browse Google page and type the desired jobs there to see the various results. I am sure, you will find a reliable company in the searching result from where you can get online typing jobs at home. In this concern, you are only required to establish telephonic contact with the company for asking them about the availability of jobs, nature of the job, salary, eligibility criteria etc.


For instance, I have explored many genuine companies that are offering genuine online jobs at home for free like the conversion of PDF eBooks in MS Word. You are here required to type in MS Word by reading PDF eBooks. 


Eligibility criteria are to only have education minimum to Matriculation and having age 16 years or above. You are also required to be vigilant while getting this type of online task regarding the company’s background and its genuineness.


Types Of Online Typing Jobs For Free:

As per my research, you can best online typing jobs from home is the only conversion of an Image File or PDF eBooks into MS Word throughout the world. However, there are also some other sorts of online jobs:


  • Data entry work
  • Captcha typing job
  • Ad posting
  • Online survey Forms and Forms filling
  • Copy/pasting work

You can search these jobs directly from the Google search engine.


Basic Requirements And Job Criteria:

Keeping in view the above discussion, don’t consider these jobs as the cakewalk, but you must have the following skills to perform your duty:


  • Good knowledge of English (reading & writing)
  • Management of task and timely provision of assignment
  • 100% accuracy of assigned work
  • Your typing speed should be good (approx. 40 words in a minute)
  • You must have good knowledge of MS Word and MS Excel to manage your work.
  • You should have a device connected with internet to get started.
  • You must have a high-speed computer and a reliable connection with the internet.

How Much You Can Make Money:

If you have found your exact road map about online jobs from home then in the beginning, you can earn approx. Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 per month or if you have experience of 2 to 3 years then you can easily earn Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000. You have to work hard daily for about 5 to 6 hours. If you want to earn more then select the typing job for converting PDF file to MS Word or you can also start a data entry job. Other jobs like copy/pasting, Form Filling, and Ad posting are a bit difficult and 75% reliable.


Keep Yourself Away From Scams Websites:

If we draw a picture of the whole article, it is the most important part of the content as many fake and scammed websites are offering the best online jobs at home with attractive packages. Therefore, you should not fall for at any cost.


Some websites have only 1 or 2 vacancies but they charge registration fees from every candidate and some sites do not have any online typing jobs in real but they just want to catch your attention to earn money from Google AdSense Ads clicks. 



In a real sense, online typing jobs from home are suitable for those people who are dependent on a fixed monthly amount. These people are housewives, college students or some people on medical rest etc.



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